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POP ERA—Inmanyi Solo Exhibition

Updated: May 9

Deconstructing the influences of "comics" and "music" on life, and infusing a passion for art, Inmanyi has garnered public attention with its versatile Snoki illustrations.

It's not just about presenting art; it's about igniting a profound sense of healing! Having previously collaborated with international brands such as KFC, LINE FRIENDS, "King of Glory," and "Popeye," and achieving astounding results exceeding 20 million with renowned fashion brand YISHION, Chinese artist Inmanyi is holding their first solo exhibition in Taiwan, invited by AKA Automotive Arts. Titled "POP ERA," the exhibition promises to lead attendees to a brand new perspective brimming with childlike innocence and romance.

A team from Japan and Thailand drew inspiration from the motorcycle ridden by Bulma in "Dragon Ball" to create a motorcycle called the Monkey Racer Replica. With its high level of fidelity, it faithfully replicates the appearance from the manga, including the paint scheme of No. 19, the Capsule Corp logo, and even retains the machine gun position at the front, although it was modified into a lighting kit. Of course, the exaggerated fairing design of this bike has also been retained.

With technology from the 1990s, the Efini RX-7 from Initial D boasts outstanding performance and astonishing power. It adopts Mazda's classic rotary engine technology, which has a simpler structure and can achieve higher speeds, providing faster acceleration and higher power output. In addition to numerous aluminum chassis components, the original manufacturer has also equipped it with a large number of ball bearings, making its road feel very clear and predicting a very high cornering limit.


2024.05.10~06.02 11am to 5 pm (Closed on Mondays)

AKA Automotive Arts

No. 33, Lane 258, Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City


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