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Updated: Apr 26, 2023

AKA automotive arts is the first concept gallery combining automotive and contemporary art in Taiwan. Celebrating the opening, bringing art beyond the barriers, AKA Automotive Arts showcase collectible cars alongside the collection of contemporary art.

We are delighted to be able to showcase our private collection along with the new McLaren 765LT Spider MSO (Mclaren Special Operation) is the latest in this exclusive line. Only 765 will ever be made and BMW M5CS is limited to just one production year.


Will Martyr

Will Martyr (b. Eastbourne, UK, 1980) Martyr currently lives and works in London.

Will Martyr’s work is placed in many high-profile international private and corporate collections worldwide. Much of Martyr’s work is now undertaken via private commission.

The seductive utopian views constructed in Martyr’s work conjure a timeless sense of elegance and nostalgia, as Martyr marries together found images with remembered places. We find that these familiar settings become soft-focus templates for the mnemonic, at once heightening and embellishing reality. Martyr’s painting technique is extraordinarily precise. His uncompromising process is hand painted and involves many stages to create a flawless work and his paintings are reminiscent of holiday postcards.

Adam Lister

Born in 1978, Adam Lister lives and works in Beacon, New York. Lister has exhibited his artwork in numerous galleries throughout the world, while also collaborating with streetwear brands, athletic companies, and other artists.

Lister breaks down classic images to their most elemental forms by combining the deconstructed and minimal aesthetic of pixelated graphics with the transparency of watercolor paint and the flatness of acrylic paint. The process deals with taking a memory of an image and highlighting its complexity and simplicity at the same time. These paintings are influenced by geometric thinking and a desire to capture the briefness of a mental picture. Lister’s curiosity surrounding visual perception and spatial arrangement plays with the way that he describes each image with a specific level of clarity.

Official Collaborations:

A Bathing Ape, New Balance, Yohji Yamamoto, Hello Kitty, Reebok, CARROTS, Nickelodeon, Sergio Tacchini, Diamond Supply Co., GROCERY, LG ULTRA etc.


NKSIN a self-taught painter and uses airbrush to create his works. Born between the Philippines and Japan, he spent his childhood in a closed environment with frustration. NKSIN’s unique interpretation of contemporary social issues, especially those between people, is a provocative yet humorous way to reflect his experiences and thoughts in his artistic activities from an ironic perspective. NKSIN’s unique spray-painting style is strongly influenced by the American animation designs of the 90’s. The children that NKSIN expresses are also works of self-questioning about their ignorance in response to the information they learn for the first time, including themselves.

Hyung Koo Kang

Hyung Koo Kang a Korean artist who works by creating In his unique style, Kang has created portraits of figures from Andy Warhol and Clint Eastwood, to Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Stalin. His work is classified as hyperrealism, as unlike photo-realism, he often uses a photograph as a starting point and then takes it beyond the original image, or even paints from his imagination without a photograph at all. Indeed, photographs of some of his subjects – Van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe in her old age – never existed in the first place.


was born in 1973. He discovered the Hip-Hop movement with the purchase of "Spraycan Art", a book about New York graffiti artists. He started to graffiti in Paris in 1987, he was 14 years old.

Fascinated by this artistic environment, Skizo oriented his work on simple, legible, and clean letterings. Night outings and legal and illegal paintings allowed him to master the aerosol can.

At the beginning of the 90s, he joined the CIA (Criminalz in Action) collective. Together, they elaborate a strategy to cover the Parisian suburbs and decide to privilege their actions where their work will be the most visible. Quickly his pseudo appears everywhere in the Ile-de-France on the railroad network, the highways, and many other supports and redefines the aesthetics of the urban environment which becomes his favorite support. This approach and his precision will partly make his reputation.

In 2012, he launches into a more artistic approach. First on canvas and then very quickly on urban metal supports. But it is his works on car hoods that mark the transition of Skizo from the street to artistic work.

He combines these two passions in his work by also declining them on signs and other supports.


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