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BEYOND | Josh Wang Solo Exhibition

Updated: May 9

Josh Wang, born in 1991,

started his creative journey with "All-in design" and immersed himself in the world of soft vinyl toys explored through "潮玩 JTV." Not only did he become a choice for global soft vinyl toy enthusiasts, but he also founded "Blackpearls" (BPS), breaking the conventional image of soft vinyl toys and establishing it as a platform connecting contemporary art with the public.

HAPY, the mischievous little boy, combines cuteness, playfulness, and humor, evoking a unique feeling. BPS, blending Eastern and Western aesthetics, extends its influence into areas like fashion, card games, board games, and daily life, showcasing a new perspective where toys intertwine with art and lifestyle.

The Beyond exhibition provides an opportunity to witness the evolution of all Hapy figures and experience Josh Wang's journey. These figures aren't just toys; they represent his childhood memories and emotions, carrying a profound understanding of SOFUBI and unique insights into life.

Porsche Classic Club Taiwan is dedicated to promoting and sharing the culture of classic Porsche vehicles through regular events such as car exhibitions, gatherings, competitions, and technical seminars, allowing members to appreciate and experience classic Porsche cars.

Filter017 embraces a lifestyle with warmth and attitude, blending urban and outdoor elements. With a focus on cultural arts, retro trends, stylish camping, and home life, the brand positions itself as a creative unit. Through the fusion of elements and a distinctive visual language,

Filter017 navigates various fields with independent operation of its diverse design brand.

* Time: January 12-28, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

* Location: AKA Automotive Arts

* 1F, No. 33, Lane 258, Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City


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