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AKA R.A.C.E Taiwan pitstop

The "AKA R.A.C.E Exhibition" will be held at AKA Automotive Arts on 7/21. AKA has created an exquisite racing journey for racing enthusiasts and art lovers. It is the first and the only car racing exhibition in Taiwan. Combining art and technology we intended to take people on an amazing journey through the world of car racing!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton (born on January 7, 1985) is a British racing driver currently racing for the Mercedes team. Hamilton has won 7 World Drivers' Championships (tied with Michael Schumacher).

Hamilton joined the McLaren Young Driver Program in 1998, which served as his entry point into F1. He became the first and, to this day, the only black driver to compete in racing. Hamilton has set multiple world records, and his debut season concluded with a second-place finish alongside Kimi Räikkönen. In the following season, he dramatically won another race and secured a crucial overtake on the final lap of the last race of the season, becoming the youngest-ever F1 World Champion. After six years with McLaren, he signed with Mercedes in 2013 and has been with the team since then.

McLaren (2007–2012)

In 2007, Hamilton won his first Grand Prix at the Canadian Grand Prix, which was also his sixth race in Formula One. Hamilton partnered with two-time defending World Champion Fernando Alonso in his debut season with McLaren. He became the first and, as of 2023, the only black driver to compete in the series. After his first podium finish, Hamilton finished as the runner-up in the 2007 World Drivers' Championship by just one point, setting several records including the most consecutive podium finishes since debut and the most podium finishes in a debut season. Throughout the season, Hamilton was involved in several incidents with Alonso, leading to strained relations between the driver and the team, ultimately resulting in the termination of Alonso's contract with McLaren by mutual consent in November. After a successful first season with McLaren, Hamilton signed a multi-million-pound contract extension with the team until 2012.

McLaren MP4-26

The McLaren team lineup for 2011 consisted of two world champions, British drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who finished second and fifth, respectively, in the championship. The team also secured second place in the Constructors' Championship, accumulating an impressive total of 497 points. It was a great year for the team, with Lewis Hamilton earning 227 points and securing three victories in the Chinese Grand Prix, German Grand Prix, and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The construction and decoration of this display car feature the distinctive elements associated with McLaren. This iconic display car is a perfect showcase highlight. Chassis/Livery: 2011 Championship History - Chassis: 2nd and 5th place Championship History - Constructors: 5th place, 227 points Races: 19 races, 6 victories (Jenson & Lewis)

Team SX83

TEAM SX83 competes on the world stage of motorsports, in Asia The continent participates in the GT and Touring Car series series, as well as some annual competitions aimed at An invitational endurance race that pushes cars and car drivers to the limit. TEAM SX83 at our numerous competitions The project has been a huge success, and its accomplishments are a testament to the ability of independent teams to exceed expectations. Our team has many years of championship experience and is unique in the motorsports industry, Our team was established and participated in China GT and China Automobile Endurance Championship in the first year The grand prize of the annual champion!

Paul Oz

Senna 'Eau Rouge'

Ayrton Senna in the dynamic of Eau Rouge into Raidillon, unveiled at Autosport International in 2019 to mark 25 years, and immediately bought by McLaren to show on their famous MTC Boulevard. Modelled on real life with myself as the stunt body being the same height and a similar build to Ayrton, in Ayrton's suit, boots and helmet. Perhaps the first time I have suffered for my art – this position was excruciating! Adding to the realism with the strain of holding it repeatedly creating a dynamic that I could never have faked, the 'oversteer dance' that many viewers do in front of him is the perfect appraisal. This bronze is the thing that changed everything, is even what I am usually introduced by now. And the start of a 10 year project with McLaren to permanently immortalise their world champions. Limited editions are available in bronze: 60% scale 110cm 35kg

Axon Originated from the love of motorsports In 2017, Axon was founded in Vancouver BC Canada to be the premier destination for all driving simulations needs. Our team is led by a motorsport enthusiast who has been active in the sport for more than 10 years. With the trophy winning experience, the team has designed a simulator that is dedicated to enhance driver’s experience and performance. Our simulators take no compromises for performance and it was crafted to be light, strong and adaptable. We can also help our customers with any custom order or built to suit their needs. Axon also has sim centers which are dedicated to promote both motorsport and sim racing. The sim centers are equipped with our state-of-the-art simulators alongside premium gears from brands like D-BOX Haptic System, Fanatec and MSI. With affordable rates and regular racing events, our team is hoping to reach out to more people and build a platform as a stepping stone for motorsports and sim racing. For casual users, they can also enjoy our unique atmosphere with their friends. Our sim centers are capable of hosting different types of events and leave memorable experiences to our customers.


The exhibition also features a thrilling playground called "Dreamland of Big Boys" with a racing simulator that allows visitors to experience the speed and excitement of racing firsthand. The on-site racing simulator is provided by AXON, equipped with the only D-BOX motion system certified by the International Automobile Federation, providing users with an immersive experience on the simulator. The computer setup includes the high-performance MSI MEG PROSPECT 700R, featuring the latest Intel platform processor and Z-series motherboard to meet the demands of high-performance gaming. It is paired with the MEG CORELIQUID S360 all-in-one water cooling system, featuring an excellent heat dissipation design, ensuring high stability even during intense operation of the professional-grade racing simulator.


Prototyp is a well-known Taiwanese fashion brand that brings alternative designs each season. This time, they have collaborated with AKA to create a racing-inspired clothing collection. The clothes are comfortable yet stylish, showcasing a unique design aesthetic.

Originally, PROTOTYP was a virtual large-scale machinery development company called "Prototype Technologies." The clothing they produce is primarily intended for the daily needs of company employees. Regardless of age, gender, or department, all employees wear the same work uniforms.

The brand's subtitle, "Forms and Deviation," expresses how subtle differences can result in completely different appearances. By comparing these differences, we can become aware of the unique context in which each person develops. Based on these differences, the brand promotes inclusivity and the manifestation of a collective will for harmonious living. It is a concept designed for the everyday lives of individuals.

Clothing is now available in store with very limited quantities.


Speedchamps is a brand founded on the principle of providing consumers with high-quality and visually immersive experiences, while enjoying a fashionable lifestyle and offering premium and personalized services. It integrates official F1™ team-licensed merchandise from the Formula 1 racing series, primarily focusing on Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, and Red Bull Racing. The brand combines various racing concepts and styles, breaking away from a single brand or experience. It allows for the elegant blend of high-speed aesthetics and fashion trends, as well as the fusion of business sophistication and casual athleticism. It offers a unique experience that combines leisure and sports performance, allowing you to define your own style. Let's embrace our true and most unique selves starting tomorrow morning.


Mobellio morphs vintage cars and supercar parts into unique, beautiful and functional furniture design.

Mobellio, the best possible automotive furniture on the market for interior design or entertainment purposes. Mobellio's furniture are exclusively made of high-end materials including premium leather, real steel, original and upcycled car parts. While we focus on creating beautifully designed furniture, we do not compromise on comfort, functionality, and sturdiness.

Lychee & Friends

LYCHEE & FRIENDS is a lifestyle brand founded by Korean designers in 2016. Through the fun stories of LYCHEE and his friends, these little characters aim to bring joy and happiness to everyone who embraces curiosity. The Brand also works closely with designers around the world in creating bold and unique products, promoting original creativity and humor.

AKA R.A.C.E Exhibition

Date: 7/19 (Wednesday) - 8/27 (Sunday)

Location: AKA Automotive Arts (No. 33, Lane 258, Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City)

Reservation: Booking through Facebook or Instagram


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