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The Beauty of Artist’s Harmony 🎼

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Gathering 13 young, prominent contemporary Japanese artists, including TARTAROS, Takumi Tsuchida, Daisuke Hiraoka, Ayaïro, Chizu Wada, Hooly, Tsuboyama Hitoshi, Nakai Bell, Yasuto Sasada, Zoe, neuronoa, Matsumoto Kojiro, and Tamagotak, this group exhibition presents a diverse array of artistic styles. Each artist uniquely incorporates elements of purity, softness, gentleness, childlike wonder, and youth into their works. Every piece is a distinctive interpretation by the artists of life, emotions, and the era, evoking a deep resonance with the audience.

Through these artworks, we invite you to explore various facets of beauty and seek inspiration within the ocean of art. The exhibition also features an elegant vintage representative model, the MERCEDES BENZ 190 SL, representing a flowing history. Every trace of time on this antique Benz imbues it with an immortal artistic value, akin to a moving piece of art. This vintage Benz, juxtaposed with the contemporary artworks, collaboratively constructs a mobile art exhibition, taking you on a fantastical journey that seamlessly blends art and history.

The Beauty of Artist’s Harmony

📍 Location: AKA Automotive Arts

No. 33, Lane 258, Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City

📍Date 2023.12.03-2023.12.25 • 11 am-5 pm


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